Scott Stender is an award-winning independent producer, director, cameraman and editor with more than 20 years experience in broadcast, commercial, corporate and documentary programming. His previous companies, 38 Video and Magnetic Image Video, have supplied equipment, logistics and personnel for shoots around the globe. Scott’s documentary work has taken him from the African Savannah to the rainforests & fjords of Southern Chile, from the streets of Hong Kong and Athens to the remote Mexican Sierra del Tigre and beyond.

In early 2000, Scott teamed up with Larry Kenworthy and became Co-Owner of Magnetic Image Video in San Rafael, CA. Together the team purchased Spotlite Video Productions in San Jose, built a custom remote television studio truck and updated their website

Many live events, such as The Abyss – Live for the BBC, World Series Baseball, College Basketball and Football, Comedy Day In The Park, Hewlett-Packard / Compaq Merger and others dramatically increased the revenue stream for the new company. In late 2001, Scott went back to the independent production world that had been his forte for years. He and Larry still work together on many projects.

The Abyss – Live was an especially challenging and rewarding show. The program had live BBC hosts and scientists aboard a "mother ship" in Monterey Bay, tracking a remote sub bristling with cameras 1.5 miles deep to the bottom of the ocean. Video signals were sent up from the sub via fiberoptic cable, mixed live and sent via microwave from ship to the remote studio truck on-shore, then satellited live to a viewing audience in England. A phenomenal success, the show received an unprecedented 30% share of the national viewing audience that day.

Recent Projects & Highlights:

Scott’s other projects include a phenomenal month-long shoot in Athens at the 2004 Summer Olympics and post-production at Digit of the band Sonia Dada’s recent hit CD/DVD combo, "Test Pattern". Each October, Scott covers the Bioneers ( in San Rafael. Other projects of interest include shooting the All Mountain Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding Championships in Squaw Valley, CA, a promotional documentary, "Veracruz River of Raptors", on the largest migration of hawks in the world (+ 4 million birds), in Veracruz, Mexico, and DP-ing a 6-camera live stage show of Rob Becker’s smash Broadway hit, "Defending The Caveman".