Digit Post Production is a unique boutique editing experience in downtown Mill Valley. Our offices are located right off the square on Miller Avenue, just above Piazza D’Angelo restaurant and a stone’s throw from many fine coffee shops, eateries and stores. The studio is surrounded by trees, including soaring redwoods, and is literally above Old Mill Creek.

A history of fine post production has occurred in this space. Michael Ritchie’s brilliant “Downhill Racer” and “The Conversation” were edited here in the 1960’s & 70’s. Today we’re editing music videos, television shows and pilots, corporate image and educational pieces, documentaries, theatrical performances and perhaps, your latest epic movie.

Within the warm, wooden walls you will find the latest in digital editing technology. The room is outfitted with Mac computers, Final Cut Pro StudioHD, Apple Cinema Displays, expandable hard drive space, key image and sound manipulation software and a variety of video recorders, players, dvd burners and high-speed wireless internet connections. Additional computers and backup systems round out the gear.

Yet, it is more than equipment that makes a place like this hum. It is the quality and experience of the people working with you (or without) to edit your masterpiece. We don’t have “staff editors” at Digit. We have highly creative and skilled editing associates that we match to the unique demands of your specific project. This keeps our costs down to you and ensures the most brilliant talent is all yours. Edit. Digit.